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Support CR Way Research to help you Live Better Longer  

Every CR Way research initiative requires that we raise tens of thousands of dollars. Your donation at any time of year can be deducted from the current year’s tax bill to the extent allowed by law. We very much appreciate your considering a donation to the nearest-and-dearest worthy cause, LivingTheCRWay. We have proven that we can advance research that you can use to improve the quality and length of your life and of your friends and loved ones.   

Now, that’s a cause worth donating to!

 LivingTheCRWay is a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization. Our cause is most worthy: helping you live longer in better health. If you are able to give a donation, that’s what your money will pay for. 

CR Way research results provide new capabilities for evaluating health and longevity that will help you understand how you are aging and what you can do about it. CR Way research is vitally important right now. We will focus on the “what you can do about it” part and you will hear from great scientists who are implementing the work.

 Listening to podcasts or watching videos is nice. Talking to the people who are involved and who really care about helping you live better longer is even better. The CR Way is the only community where you can do that.

 You can make a donation here in the CR Way store (buy a donation!). CR Way memberships are also partly tax deductible.  Because LivingTheCRWay is a tax-exempt public charity, your donation can be as big as 50% of your AGI (Adjusted Gross Income: your tax-year gross income after it has been adjusted down by whatever tax deductions you are eligible for).

 All such donations are good for the tax year within which they are made and received. A stipulation is that if you donate money and receive a benefit, e.g., a CR Way membership – the donation that can be deducted from your taxes is the membership fee minus the value of the membership benefits.

The following chart will help you (and your accountant): 


Membership Type


Value Returned to you

Brain Booster

$ 547

$  400

Personal Consultation




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