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Calorie Restriction the CR Way

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The CR Way is a holistic, human friendly approach to calorie restriction with optimal nutrition(CRON). The CR Way Web site, LivingTheCRWay.com, attracts a world-wide following of people who are interested in healthful life extension. Every week, the site increases its value to the members  through new content,  multiple-forums, blog, and live teleconferences. Your membership also supports CR research, which may result in making your life better and longer. 

Members gain full access to life-transforming content:

The CR Way to Peak Performance – your diet and lifestyle coach for performing at your peak

Getting Smarter – a blueprint for improving your brain power 

Long, Healthy Life – introduces the beneficial cellular changes that are the basisfor the CR Way A Happier You – strategies that relieve stress and increase happiness

Protection from Disease – help for preventing or fighting cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, vision and hearing loss, and heart, kidney, and Alzheimer's diseases

Science behind the Benefits – description of the solid science, backing the benefits 

The Longevity Guide – how to become a centenarian


The CR Way is also about community. Every few weeks, members are invited to live teleconferences with CR Way authors and founders, Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill. This is an opportunity to discuss your questions and gain new insights on how to apply the latest research.

Make a priceless investment in your health, become a member of livingthecrway.com!