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NutriBase CR Way 4 Longer Life Software

Save money!

The new CR Way 4 Longer Life software is included in

Optimal Health, Healthful Weight Loss, Diabetes Intervention, Brain Booster and Kidney Stone Prevention Memberships

Medical Professionals: The Nutribase CR Way Professional Edition is now available.



Take the guesswork out of healthful living

Imagine trying to drive a car without a steering wheel. The chances of getting where you want to go are virtually nil. The same is true for managing a healthy lifestyle – dietary software is the steering wheel. This leaves little to chance. In fact, we attribute much of our extraordinary health to tracking our diet, exercise, and the outcomes with NutriBase, the most accurate and full-featured nutrition and fitness software available. NutriBase is widely used by people who want precision and accuracy – including health and fitness professionals.

 As The CR WayTM developed into a worldwide movement – we realized that people following the lifestyle, and anyone else who wants to live as healthfully as possible, need a sophisticated way to track what they are doing.  This prompted us to work with NutriBase to develop a program that sets the standard for managing a healthy lifestyle. We originally became aware of NutriBase when we needed software to use for the CR Society’s “Effects of CR on Humans” Pilot Study that preceded the “Long-term Effects of CR on Humans” studies at the School of Medicine at Washington University in Saint Louis. Out of all its competitors NutriBase was chosen because of its advanced functionality and accuracy.

Since then we’ve worked with NutriBase to create the CR Way 4 Longer Life software and price it affordably. This groundbreaking software downloads to a home computer, giving dieters tools to immediately take control of their life.   Take a look at this narrated introduction:



If you need to lose weight, you can enter your weight-loss goals into the program and it will calculate a healthful number of pounds to lose each week and the appropriate calorie intake to achieve your goal. The software comes loaded with recipes that improve mood, empowering you to leave unhealthful comfort foods behind. 

The CR Way 4 Longer Life software's  extensive tracking capabilities eliminate guesswork that leads to unhealthful outcomes. It makes tracking easy – recording weight as well as calorie and nutrient intake, including fatty acids and phytochemicals. You can also track exercise, glucose levels, heart health, kidney stone risk and even mood. The best way to know how your diet affects you? Use the software regularly and test routinely with your health professional.



Why go to the trouble of entering your diet online when the CR Way 4 Longer Life software downloads to your computer in minutes, making it easy to achieve your goals? And you own your data.