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Video Conferences with Experts!

canstockphoto8821142.jpgThe science of health and longevity expands exponentially. Research is released daily that those who strive for optimal health and long life want to integrate into their lifestyle. But just because it is available, does not mean it is easy to apply. Some research is written in difficult scientific jargon, while other reports may express ideas in ways that are not useable unless you know a lot about calorie restriction and related longevity biochemistry.

So LivingTheCRWay initiated a new, personalized form of communication – live teleconferences featuring leading experts in the fields of health and longevity. Held in a friendly, town meeting style, the expert guests make short presentations about their work and then CR Way members are invited to take part in live discussions. They can ask questions and make comments that help them understand how best to apply the findings to their lives.

In a world of electronic communications, where speaking to a machine is all too common, the opportunity to talk with famous scientists and health experts is deeply appreciated.Talking with experts often results in suggestions that help you live better and possibly longer.

Open to members of, teleconferences are scheduled each month. That’s just a few dollars per  teleconference! Often even one teleconference with a leading expert, if they are available at all, costs hundreds of dollars.

Each expert is introduced with an informative blog, which presents their latest work and biographical material, CR Way Forums explain more about their work and how it relates to achieving better health.

Additional membership benefits include exclusive cutting-edge content based on the latest science and clinical testing, training for cognition improvement, glucose management, meal plans, delicious recipes, and participation in CR Way research.