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Your Success Path: You a New Human


Over the years, we have found that members who talk with us regularly improve rapidly. Your membership benefits will include a plan that you can start to use immediately to improve your chances of becoming a healthy centenarian and enjoying life all the way along because your health is extraordinary. 

We welcome you to call us to discuss LivingTheCRWay Membership: 877-481-4841. 

Here's more about LivingTheCRWay:                                                                                


Getting to Know You

As a member, you will get individual attention as we get to know you and understand your challenges and your goals. We will give you a personal spreadsheet, listing the tests to get to evaluate your health. These will include indicators of how well you are activating longevity biochemistry.

The advantage for you is that rather than providing this information to you in a vacuum, where you never get to talk with us, we will meet by phone with you in a friendly, informative way and work with you – like you are a member of the family.

“Sometime during the first week of January, I called Paul to discuss my concerns with the program and what I could expect.  I was amazed and impressed that I was able to speak directly to him on my very first call.” Debbie, B., Tennessee  

Becoming a SuperAger 

We will go over your spreadsheet together with the goal of making you into a superager, who is more resilient and more resistant to disease than has been possible in past generations. This is not something you will have to guess about. We recommend that you work with your doctor every step of the way to verify your results.

It took us 30 years and countless amounts of research with well-known scientists to map out a course to improve health and optimize prospects for living longer. This knowledge is priceless -- developed over 90 years of scientific research. It will be delivered to you personally so you could make the most of it. 

Listen to members describe their experience:

“I have evolved into better health and dietary habits which are demonstrably improving not just my glucose levels but all aspects of my life. Thank you both and the CR Way for helping me guide my ship in these positive ways.” Ellen T., Wisconsin

“Being a results-driven person, I was drawn to the CR Way because the results are objectively measured…Now, after 11 weeks on the program, I recently had a doctor’s appointment which generated results I would like to share.  These results are compared to my last blood draw which was done in August of 2017.  My A1C tested at 5.2.  It was 5.5 last August.  My total cholesterol was 216 in August and is 146 now.  My HDL was 119 and now it is 89.  My LDL was 90 and now it is 50.”  Debbie B., Tennessee 

Benefits: The CR Way to Great Glucose Control

Participation in The CR Way to Great Glucose Control course, which is famous for helping people get their glucose to optimal levels. Worth the price of the membership alone, The CR Way to Great Glucose Control program is a 3-month live, online education course by Zoom that can help you learn to control your blood glucose levels naturally while, optimizing your longevity prospects. It includes these features:  

  • 5-part e-Book, presenting the basic steps to take control of your blood glucose levels
  • Foods to Choose
  • Delicious, easy-to-fix recipes.
  • Lifestyle plans: full meal plans and suggested schedules to help you manage your glucose from the time you get up in the morning to when you go to sleep at night
  • Your course materials are delivered to you in videos, podcasts, and live classes via teleconference, recordings, Web site access, and lesson summaries.
  • Your course materials will be available online in The CR Way to Great Glucose Control Library, so you can access them easily anytime you wish.

As we work with you, your first “assignment” will be to choose the foods and meal plans that you enjoy.

Expert Teleconferences

Leading scientists and doctors present cutting-edge information on subjects that will help you build a lifestyle for health and longevity.

Live Support Group Zooms 

Attracting men and women of all races and cultures, the CR Way Support Group brings together people who are united in the quest to improve health and increase chances for long disease-free life. It provides an opportunity for participants to come together and share their health management challenges and successes. 

The encouragement, comfort, and suggestions that Support Group members get motivate them to make positive changes. Since CR Way Support Group members meet each week, participants do not have to face their health challenges alone.


– includes Brain-Booster Training Sessions with CR Way authors, Paul McGlothin & Meredith Averill.

Dual N-Back – download:  You will enjoy the fun of a brain-training program that challenges you to the utmost of your capabilities. Within just a few days of starting the training you will notice improvements in memory, and after 19 days of training you are likely to experience significant changes, often resulting in a boosted IQ.  Dual N-Back increases mental focus and stamina, helping you excel at work, in interviews, on exams, and in job training. 

Access to Core Content

  • Your Success Path – shows how we help you craft your Success Path.
  • Expert Teleconferences – amazing resource of over 100 podcasts by scientists and other experts about vital subjects on how to control aging and protect against disease
  • Microbiome – cutting-edge information on how to optimize your body’s microbiomes, focusing on the gut, nasal, salivary, and urinary-tract microbiomes
  • Delicious Food – delicious, healthy recipes to delight you as you enjoy CR Way living
  • Meditation – relieves stress, increases happiness, and improves neural function.
  • Sleep Better– provides a mini-course on sleeping well.
  • Happy Dieting – strategies for losing, gaining, or maintaining your weight
  • Stem Cells – presents CR Way strategies for improving & preserving stem cell function.
  • Long, Healthy Life – introduces the beneficial cellular changes that are the basis for CR Way living.
  • Getting Smarter – dietary and lifestyle changes that may increase thinking capabilities.
  • Peak Performance – diet and lifestyle to increase concentration healthfully.
  • Protection from Disease – help for preventing or fighting cancer; diabetes; and heart, kidney, and Alzheimer's diseases.

Participation in CR Way Research

A unique opportunity for serious CR Way members to gauge their rate of aging and learn what to do about it: You will be invited to participate in CR Way research with leading scientists. At present, we are analyzing and working on optimizing the body’s microbiomes.

Welcome to a better, longer life!







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