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Free Dietary Software Trial


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Here is the link to download the NutriBase 10 CR Way Edition Software:   



This is a trial copy, which will be active for seven days. This Wednesday, November 28 at 7:30 PM ET, we will have a free teleconference (= free) to introduce use of the software and to answer questions. To join the teleconference, reply to this Newsletter, and we will send the details right out. 

NB10CRWay software is a full upgrade from NB9. We look forward to sharing this great resource with you.


Going beyond simple food logs, the software provides detailed analyses of all the foods in the latest USDA database - plus  a broad spectrum of CR Way Foods to Choose and custom recipes, so that you can start living in better health immediately - no long learning curve.


It comes preloaded with special recipes that increase the neurotransmitter, serotonin - the mood modulator. Serotonin is essential for dietary success, satisfying sleep, and positive mood.


If your goal is to lose, gain, or maintain weight - the software's "calories in, calories out" function is indispensable. Starting with total calorie intake and calorie expenditure for exercise and other daily activities, the software's charting function automatically graphs calories-burned data, so you can adjust your intake and exercise, accordingly.


The software also tracks glucose levels, correlating blood glucose with dietary carbohydrate and exercise - two variables that are central to controlling glucose levels. Keeping glucose low is extremely important not only for managing diabetes, but also for preventing it.


The glucose tracker is especially important because lower glucose levels switch off growth-driving chemistries that accelerate aging and increase risk of not only diabetes, but also heart and Alzheimer's diseases and cancer. Keeping glucose low makes cells stronger: more energy-efficient and better able to survive - enhancing your health and increasing the probability of a longer lifespan.

Looking forward to talking with you on Wednesday, 


Paul & Meredith   

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