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The Mistress

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The Mistress a very timely novel

By: E. S. Purnell


"People at work no doubt thought I spent my Sundays travelling round endlessly on public transport like a psychopath, but I used to take cookery classes and was in a 'cercle polyglotte' for a while where we all spoke French to North African refugees." Muriel's life is changed unexpectedly and forever when she meets Franz; but after many years of happiness the dream is in danger of being shattered when she discovers Franz's first wife is guarding a mysterious secret. which only CR Way travelers understand. Fiction full of science about aging and science "fiction", if you eat a standard western diet -- science fact if you travel the CR Way.


A good read for now while some grow older and a must-read for anyone who wants to slow aging.

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  1. Great to See CR in Popular Culture 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2012

    I was fascinated that E. S. Purnell had me deep into the story before I recognized who the mistress was. This sign of good storytelling is important – We all love a good story. The book’s first statement: ”This is the story of a man who leaves his mistress and goes back to his wife,” surprises the reader, and made me wonder at its seeming to give away the punch line. But this makes the point more strongly about a story well told: I was eager to see how it would unfold – right up through the Post Scriptum.

    Feeling strongly about not scooping the author, I still can provide some context: Each main character is British, German, or both. Most of the action takes place in England and Brussels in the first years of this century. Purnell’s Muriel is The Mistress’s main character. We meet her as a 37-year-old single woman, who works hard and well at the translation office and is lonely much of the time at home. Then she meets Franz.

    She understands that she must present herself to him as a liberated woman (not her phrase). Her work situation changes and she meets interesting people and not-so-interesting people. Franz is her constant.

    This characterizes Purnell’s writing – it’s real: Muriel is not a stereotype. Rather, she is a human being, whose perceptions of what’s around her we get to see. Similarly, we experience her living through the effects of climate change as a matter of fact.

    Calorie restriction (CR) is crucial to the thesis, but I will leave it to The Mistress to reveal how. Suffice it to say, that the reader will likely be tantalized to learn more about it. and LivingTheCRWay. com are good resources for this purpose.

    I like to read. But I rarely feel I have time to do so when it’s “only” for pleasure. In any case, The Mistress proved that wrong. I carved out the time to thoroughly enjoy reading this book. The experienced librarian in me appreciates The Mistress for getting me back “on track.” Now, I even have a new favorite place in our home for leisure reading.

    Meredith Averill
    Vice president, The CR Way Longevity Center
    Board Chair, CR Society International
    Co-author, The CR Way

    This review is personal opinion.

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