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The CR Way® to Great Glucose Control, 2019

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Imagine that you, like 90 million other Americans, have prediabetes – that is, fasting glucose levels above 100 mg/dL. Or perhaps you are one of the millions more who has glucose levels in the so-called "healthy" 80 to 90 range. So you resolve to do something about it: to get rid of simple carbohydrates, eat a healthier diet over all, and perhaps even include some exercise in your lifestyle. So far so good.


Your challenge is that your friends and family are not doing that. Most likely, they gorge themselves with unhealthy foods and seem not to care.

It may get even worse when family members visit you and tempt you with foods you know will send your glucose levels through the roof. They may even make fun of you if you choose to eat something healthy.

The CR Way is changing that. Attracting men and women of all races and cultures, we are united in our quest to improve health and increase chances for disease-free long life. The CR Way to Great Glucose Control now has a Support Group.

It provides an opportunity for participants to come together and share their personal glucose management challenges and successes. It has been so successful that we now include it as a benefit for CR Way to Great Glucose Control participants.

The encouragement, comfort, and advice that support group members get motivates them to make positive changes. CR Way support group members meet regularly each week so participants do not have to face their glucose and other health challenges alone.

“I really enjoy our ‘get-togethers’ via weekly phone chats. Each one of us is warmly welcomed and invited to share our experiences. I have also learned a lot by just active listening! It is a great opportunity to ‘drink from the well’ of the longevity gurus, Paul and Meredith, as well as other members who inspire and enlighten us as we walk this road together.” – Melody S., October 14, 2017

Take advantage of the new, expanded program. 

  • Glucose control experts, Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill, teach all classes – in person!
  • Nine live 30-minute teleconference classes – easy to work into your busy schedule.
  • Nine weeks of live CR Way Support Group teleconferences, where resolving glucose and other health challenges with friends happens often.
  • Instructional videos, describing key steps to great glucose control
  • Beautifully illustrated five-part e-book with glucose control basics, recipes, food suggestions, meal plans (includes a “Prediabetes” Meal Plan) – all new: heart-health strategies and fasting options.


The CR Way to Great Glucose Control is an invaluable, hands-on guide that will enable you to control glucose for optimal health and disease prevention. Avoid high glucose levels that can increase risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and other dementia, and mortality. Take advantage of this unique resource loaded with delicious, low-GI recipes and food suggestions that we use personally.


Year-round Memberships are also Available: 












Questions: Please contact us: 877-481-4841. 


Proceeds from Great Glucose Control sales support longevity research




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Product Reviews

  1. life changing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Aug 2014

    This practical advice for glucose control is easy to read and, more importantly, to apply. We do need to measure our glucose levels so we can make informed decisions.

  2. Less Post-Meal Glucose Surges Already 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2014

    With Paul and Meredith's advice, I have already begun to see benefits in my post-meal glucose levels. I used to get really tired after my lunch at the office and it seemed to be due to a pre-diabetic condition that had my glucose surging in some cases. With healthier meal choices, understanding what effects my sugar levels, and a quick 15 min walk after lunch, my glucose levels have never been better. And I feel both the positive physical and mental effects.

  3. Excellent program 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Apr 2014

    I used this material along with the Nutribase software program to learn what I needed to do to lower my blood glucose level and I was very successful. The recipes are great and the food lists very helpful. I like that I can program my fav foods and recipes into Nutribase and that I can use it to control the percentage of fat, carbs, and protein. I also use it to monitor my calcium intake and to limit my intake of oxylates. Thank you Paul and Meredith for your dedicated work!

  4. superb 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2013

    The Great Glucose Control eBook has been invaluable to me. More than just basic meal planning or a simple diet designer, this book has given me a framework and foundation for how to live healthier. When you really understand how the biology works and what you are doing to your body with your food choices, then you can begin to truly control your blood glucose (and your underlying health).