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The AGE-Less Way How to Escape America's Over-Eating Epidemic

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The AGE-Less Way How to Escape America's Over-Eating Epidemic: AVOID THE EPIDEMICS OF CHRONIC DISEASE: OBESITY, DIABETES, HEART, KIDNEY, AUTOIMMUNE, ... Safe, Practical and Affordable Strategy



In “The AGE-Less Way” Dr. H. Vlassara puts forth a profound new concept: Behind the biggest and costliest health challenges of today may lie the same food/industrial/cultural changes that have transformed this century in many positive ways. She draws bold connections between innocent-appearing pastime occupations, over-indulging on alluring and addictive substances called AGEs, and over-eating (a root of obesity). She then makes the compelling argument that such a combination could leave our defenses wasted and our body weak. AGEs are toxic substances born during over- heating of food. As they entice us to “eat our way through life”, AGEs cause us to lose – not gain – vital strength. This is why we are more vulnerable to diabetes, heart and kidney disease, stroke or dementia, cancer and other diseases. These diseases – with or without obesity - once thought to afflict only older persons, now affect the young, even infants. Dr. Vlassara has done her homework. She conducted extensive federally supported research for over 35 years. Together with her colleagues, she now has launched a completely fresh strategy which she coined The AGE-Less Way. This is for everyone ready to escape these serious threats and to enjoy a longer and healthy life.

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