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Great research has made significant gains in intelligence possible. The CR Way Brain Booster Membership offers proven methods to expand thinking capabilities through brain training, combined with a lifestyle and diet proven to increase memory, processing speed, and accuracy. You will also increase your protection against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases and other dementia.

Core Strategies to Improve your Brain

The Brain Booster membership includes personalized instruction through live monthly teleconferences focusing on six steps to improve cognitive performance. CR Way creators Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill show you how to use the program step by step. This is hands-on training by experts, unavailable with any other Web-based cognition training. "We take a personal interest in helping you make a positive difference in cognition that you can apply to the challenges you face."

Your Brain Booster membership includes –


  1. An introductory teleconference with Paul and Meredith, who will help you tailor your membership to your needs.
  2. The CR Way®to Great Glucose Control – nine week adult-education program. The program includes a beautifully illustrated, 5-part, E-book. Instructional videos and live teleconferences that are recorded so you can listen to them at your convenience are part of the course. Keeping glucose low is critical for increased cognitive development. So Brain Booster members receive The CR Way to Great Glucose Control, program as a benefit. Members are trained with special meal plans and lifestyle suggestions so that neuron formation and growth are enhanced – making learning and memory improvement more likely.
  3. Contributing-Member teleconferences – tailored to those truly interested in building a lifestyle for health and longevity.
  4. Live Support Group teleconferences, weekly
  5. Dual-n-Back Brain-Training software – includes Brain-Booster Training Sessions by Teleconference with CR Way authors, Paul McGlothin & Meredith Averill, and other CR Way Brain Booster members. The conferences often include Guest Experts.
  6. Access to core content on the left navigation menu, where you can choose aspects of aging and health that concern you and find solutions that are consistent with the CR Way longevity lifestyle.
  7. Participation in CR Way research A unique opportunity to gauge your rate of aging and what to do about it.  


Dual N-Back – download!

The CR Way Brain Booster membership takes advantage of the best Dual N-Back Software available, facilitating your access to it. You will enjoy the fun of a brain-training program that challenges you to the utmost of your capabilities. Within just a few days of starting the training you will notice improvements in memory, and after 19 days of training you will likely experience significant changes, often resulting in a boosted IQ.  Dual N-Back increases mental focus and stamina, helping you excel at work, at interviews, on exams, and in job training. 



LivingTheCRWay Memberships support Longevity Research 








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