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Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Meter

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Product Description

Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Meter


Product Features

  • Easy to use, fast and reliable
  • Large screen with a backlight for reading comfort.
  • Alternate site Testing approved
  • Small Blood Sample needed


We like the Precision Xtra and used it in a Glucose Control workshop.It is accurate and the glucoose testing strips are less expensive than strips by other leading manufacturers. The fact that alternate test sites are approved is a necessity for us, since we don't like to stick our fingers.


The ketone testing is a big plus too, for ketone production is linked to increased production of brain-derived neurotrophinc factor, which facilitates formation of new neurons. While moderate production of ketones may beneficial for most CR Way members, those with diabetes must guard against high ketone production, which can be extremely dangerous.The only problem with the Precision Xtra is that the ketone testing strips are quite expensive.

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