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How a Calorie Restriction Diet Improves Memory and Cognition

The CR Way Brain Booster membership combines brain training with proven CR Way dietary and lifestyle protocols for increasing cognition.

When we first looked for brain-training programs, we were amazed at how many worthless, yet pricey offerings provided little or no proven benefit other than making the user better at a software program or game touted to benefit the brain.

Finally we found Dual N-Back, the first brain training program that increases fluid intelligence, the ability to solve new problems without relying on previously acquired knowledge. Users of Dual N-Back have actually been shown to increase IQ scores.

Now Meredith and I use it daily. When combined with a calorie restriction diet plan, the results are astounding.So we added The CR Way to Great Glucose Control, a fundamental Dietary intervention for increasing cognition. You may read more about the importance of glucose control and cognition in this article by the New York Times. For well educated professionals whose careers stand or fall on their intelligence, the CR Way Brain Booster membership is a must.

Most aspects of brain function decline with age, starting in your 20s or earlier. The CR Brain Booster membership slows brain aging and increases cognitive function by applying the latest dietary and brain-training research. We will help you do it with teleconferences that personally guide you on your way. The Brain Booster Membership is more than a short-term solution offering watered-down training to make you continue your subscription. We make achieving your personal goals a priority.

Start improving your brain power!


Science Supporting CR Brain Booster

Several significant scientific studies support the dietary and brain training approaches included in the calorie restriction Brain Booster program.

Caloric restriction diet improves memory in elderly humans:

Witte AV, Fobker M, Gellner R, Knecht S, Flöel A.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 2009 Jan 27;106(4):1255-60

Animal studies suggest that diets low in calories and rich in unsaturated fatty acids (UFA) are beneficial for cognitive function in age. Here, we tested in a prospective interventional design whether the same effects can be induced in humans. Fifty healthy, normal- to overweight elderly subjects (29 females, mean age 60.5 years, mean body mass index 28 kg/m(2)) were stratified into 3 groups: (i) caloric restriction (30% reduction), (ii) relative increased intake of UFAs (20% increase, unchanged total fat), and (iii) control. Before and after 3 months of intervention, memory performance was assessed under standardized conditions.

We found a significant increase in verbal memory scores after caloric restriction (mean increase 20%; 0.001), which was correlated with decreases in fasting plasma levels of insulin and high sensitive C-reactive protein, most pronounced in subjects with best adherence to the diet. 


No significant memory changes were observed in the other 2 groups. This interventional trial demonstrates beneficial effects of caloric restriction on memory performance in healthy elderly subjects. Mechanisms underlying this improvement might include higher synaptic plasticity and stimulation of neurofacilitatory pathways in the brain because of improved insulin sensitivity and reduced inflammatory activity. Our study may help to generate novel prevention strategies to maintain cognitive functions into old age.

PMID: 19171901

Now imagine how effective the positive effects of the diet will be when combined with brain training:


Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2008 May;105(19):6829-33.

Jaeggi SM, Buschkuehl M, Jonides J, Perrig WJ. D

Fluid intelligence (Gf) refers to the ability to reason and to solve new problems independently of previously acquired knowledge. Gf is critical for a wide variety of cognitive tasks, and it is considered one of the most important factors in learning. Moreover, Gf is closely related to professional and educational success, especially in complex and demanding environments. Although performance on tests of Gf can be improved through direct practice on the tests themselves, there is no evidence that training on any other regimen yields increased Gf in adults. Furthermore, there is a long history of research into cognitive training showing that, although performance on trained tasks can increase dramatically, transfer of this learning to other tasks remains poor.

Here, we present evidence for transfer from training on a demanding working memory task to measures of Gf. This transfer results even though the trained task is entirely different from the intelligence test itself. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the extent of gain in intelligence critically depends on the amount of training: the more training, the more improvement in Gf. That is, the training effect is dosage-dependent. Thus, in contrast to many previous studies, we conclude that it is possible to improve Gf without practicing the testing tasks themselves, opening a wide range of applications.

PMID: 18443283

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