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Microbiome Optimization



The human microbiome is all-important.

It affects disease risk, as well as quality and length of life. We have many LivingTheCRWay blogposts about it:

The All-Powerful Gut Microbiome

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Optimizing the Gut Microbiome Leaps Forward

How healthy is your microbiome? Here are some things to check:


     Do you experience: 

  • Frequent constipation or diarrhea? 
  • Excessive bloating or gas?
  • Runny nose or red itchy eyes - approximately 45 minutes after eating?
  • IBS, gluten sensitivity, or other recognized bowel diseases?


Do you have excessive itching, acne, dermatitis, dandruff, or other recognized skin conditions?


  • Do you have gingivitis or periodontal disease?
  • Is your tongue a healthy, red color?


These are just a few of many considerations as you gain control of the 10 trillion bacterial cells that inhabit your body.

You can find out more by becoming a free Healthy Start member. You will have access to blog and forum posts that you can access immediately to find out more.

If you seriously want to make a big difference in your health, support research, and become a full contributing member of LivingTheCRWay, you will have access to teleconferences by the scientists who are making history by discovering how the microbiome functions. Coontributing Members have access to the new and exciting microbiome section at LivingTheCRWay. Here you will find suggested meal plans and food that will help you gain control of this vital aspect of your heath.


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