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The benefits of calorie restriction can be enhanced by meditation. So, as you might expect, meditation plays an important role in the lives of many CR Way travelers. It enhances their well being contributing to better sleep, increased productivity, sharper cognition, and in general a happier,  more emjoyable life.  So, in this section, we are delighted to feature the music and meditation CDs of Bhavani Lorriane Nelson, a treasured member of the CR Way and a famed meditation and spiritual leader.

We first met Bhavani when we attended the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Hdealth, where she is a sought-after instructor. Her weekend workshops are filled with participants. She also holds chanting concerts where her beautiful alto voice combines with other instruments to lead audiences in soulful song.

We are delighted to announce that Bhavani will lead a special"Getting Started in  Meditation" teleconference on August 25th. It will be available to all full members of

Listen to Bhavani as she nurtures your spirit.