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Healthy Air



The importance of breathing pure air for health and longevity cannot be overestimated. If your air is polluted, your chances of developing lung diseases, such as cancer and COPD, increase exponentially. 

The CR Way approach to pure air starts with monitoring your air to understand what you are dealing with. We use the Dylos Air Quality Monitor for that purpose.   

Once you can gauge the quality of your air, you can best understand what you need to make it optimally healthy. After testing many air purification systems, we decided upon the IQ Air and Winix air purifiers. When used in combination, they provide excellent air quality that will positively affect many aspects of your life. 

Most likely you will notice that you sleep better, cough less, your eyes and skin are less irritated, and that you have more energy. 

When you purchase one of these products through the CR Way Store, it clicks through to Amazon, which ensures a donation of 4% of your purchase to the CR Way research fund.