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Foods Alive Organic Carob Powder, Raw, 8 Ounce

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Foods Alive Organic Carob Powder, Raw, 8 Ounce





We recently created a recipe with carob, Better than Chocolate Pudding! It was inspired by Lindy and her question about carob. While studies are favorable for carob, finding a carob brand we liked was hard until we happened on an organic carob powder. 



Put on some favorite music and treat yourself to this health-enhancing gift from the CR Way. If you are lovelorn, you may be tempted to resort to sweets or chocolate, but we think you will find this quite satisfying.

The kuzu (also spelled kudzu) has an amazing effect on the bowel – normalizing excess gas or gastric disturbances that might be caused by high fiber meals and contributing to an overall feeling of well being. We found a rich literature on its use. I found it surprising that various forms of kuzu are used in pharmacotherapies for alcoholism and other addictive behaviors.

Try the pudding with cranberries and a little mint garnish for fun. 



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