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Explore Cuisine Gluten-Free Pasta - Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine - 8 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

Explore Cuisine - Gluten-Free Pasta - Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine - 8 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2)

Thanks to good research by a CR Way member, we were able to rekindle interest in Explore Cuisine. The organic edamame and mung bean fettuccine is nutrient dense, with a very low GI. The company that produces this pasta is located in Switzerland. This is what they said when we expressed concern about the product origins in China. 

As to your concern about producing in China, we are a Swiss-based company with over ten years of expertise in producing organic pasta made from beans, lentils, chickpeas and rice in China, Italy and in Thailand. China is one of the biggest global bean producers and our vision was to go close to the source of the raw materials. Soybeans are an excellent source of plant based protein and fibre and on the top of that we are proud to have the opportunity to use organic ingredients in our products.

Organic food businesses are strictly regulated globally, and we as an organic operator take all necessary certifications that are required either by regulation or by the trade.  Our products are sold in over 20 countries all over the world and therefore requirements vary depending on the market where the product is sold. Our quality assurance is based on high Western food quality standards.

The factories are inspected and audited on a yearly basis by different third party organizations and we are certified organic with the following agencies:

Our mother company, Ethical Foods SA is certified organic by IMO Switzerland.

The factories in China are certified organic by KIWA BCS Ökogarantie GmbH Germany. This certification is recognized by USDA and allows us to use the USDA Organic logo on the packaging.

The factories in Italy are certified organic by Ecogruppo/Italy and BioAgriCert/Italy and the factory in Thailand by Ceres/Thailand.

Our products are certified gluten free by GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) North America and IG Zöliakie (Swiss Celiac Association, Switzerland).

The products are certified vegan by The Vegan Society UK.

The non-GMO certification is issued by FoodChain ID, Inc. in USA.

Kosher certification is issued by Orthodox Union (OU) in USA.

Most factories have a SA8000 social certificate from certifiers with Western standards.

All factories hold a food safety and quality certificate either from BRC or from IFS.

In addition to these certifications, some big retailers conduct their own yearly audits in the factories, like Costco.

Laboratory test programs are in place and products are frequently tested on impurities: heavy metals, pesticide residues, toxins, non-GMO etc.

Our company also has its own QA team in China to ensure that the Western food safety and high quality standards are met.

We hope this helps to answer your concerns and we wish you all the best!

Kind regards

The Explore Cuisine Team


Description of Product

AN ORIGINAL BLEND – This unusual fusion of Asian ingredients provides a tasty base for your favorite dish! Its wider, fettuccine shape makes it easier to pick up sauce and seasoning

EASY AND NUTRITIOUS - Explore Cuisine Organic Mung Bean Fettuccine cooks just like regular pasta, making it an easy family vegan or vegetarian meal

INNOVATIVE FOODS - Explore Cuisine markets and distributes foods using plant-based, clean, organic ingredients of the highest quality. All our pasta are USDA Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher and Non-GMO

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