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Eden Foods organic kuzu root

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Eden Kuzu Root Starch, Organic, 3.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)



Looking for Pudding? 

Desserts are important. They help you feel satisfied. But if you take out all the harmful stuff – sugar and other simple carbs and fat, what’s left? Actually, you can get a very satisfying sweet taste, just by adding fennel seeds and pumpkin pie spice, but to what? Try kuzu. 

We found an organic variety from Eden Valley.  Here’s how they describe it:
Certified organic wild mountain kuzu root, hand-cut, crushed, rinsed,soaked, repeatedly washed in cold mountain spring water into a thick paste, and dried for 90 days. A strengthening, healthy starch for thickening sauces,gravies, soups, desserts, and more. A macrobiotic staple. Always dissolve it in a cold liquid before adding it to anything hot. Stir constantly when heating until the milky white becomes clear. Fat and sodium free.

Kuzu is a hearty member of the pea family – a coiling,climbing perennial vine. After being introduced to the U.S., it rapidly "took over" some areas of the south where it grows aggressively.

We had been looking high and low for a low-GI thickening agent to make fruit pudding. The Eden Valley Kuzu made that easy. Dissolve some in cold water, add spice like fennel and heat. When it starts to thicken, add fruit. Low-GI unsweetened cranberries worked well for us. 

Product description

EDEN Organic Kuzu Root Starch is a versatile thickener that dissolves quickly in any cold liquid and has no perceptible taste. It is very low in calories and contains no fat. Kuzu binds more strongly than arrowroot. Unlike corn and potato starches (industrially processed) EDEN Kuzu is handcrafted, natural, and uniquely nourishing. EDEN Organic Kuzu Root Starch can be used to thicken soups and stews, sauces and gravies. Use it to prepare delicious vegetable dishes such as Lo Mein, Chow Mein, sweet and sour vegetables, and glazed vegetables. Great for puddings, pie fillings, custards, and many desserts. Organically certified, wild roots are hand harvested from December to March when the sap gathers in the root, carried down from the mountains on backpacks and cleaned. Each root is hand-cut into chunks that are crushed into fibers, soaked and rinsed, creating a thick paste. The paste is repeatedly washed and filtered in cold mountain spring water until it becomes a pure white starch. The kuzu starch is then allowed to dry naturally for 90 days, crushed into small chunks and packed. The kuzu Pueraia lobata plant is a prolific, tough, fibrous vine with heart-shaped leaves that was used as a food in China for more than 2,000 years, and praised in Japanese poetry and legend as a bracing health food and ideal thickener for over one thousand years. Its roots are among the largest in the world, ranging in length from three to seven feet and weighing between 200 to over 400 pounds. Traditionally the leaves, seeds, flowers and roots were used in making vegetable dishes, noodles, dumplings, beverages, desserts and pickles. The vines were used to weave baskets and in making clothing, fishing line, and paper. In traditional Oriental medicine kuzu is valued as a digestive aid, to strengthen vitality, and fortify the body in cold weather.



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