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EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale

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EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, White Chrome



A kitchen scale is indispensable for anyone who strives for optimal health. Tracking your intake on dietary software after weighing your food on a good scale is the only way to know for sure how many calories you are eating – essential knowledge for healthful weight loss or to maintain a healthy weight.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Let say, for example, that you are concerned about your lipid profile. Even though you think you are eating a healthful diet, your LDL is too high, By weighing your food and entering it into the CR Way 4 Longer Life Edition software, you can analyze likely culprits that are causing your unhealthy lipids You can also track other unwanted dietary effects, such as glucose levels that are too high or brain fog that just won’t seem to go away.

Given the importance of weighing food intake, we looked for a scale that was accurate, affordable, easy to use and clean, and flexible – easy to switch between grams, ounces, and pounds. So imagine how delighted we were when a dialog in the “Recipes & Foods, Cooked and Raw” Forum on introduced the EatSmart Precision Pro, which was everything we wanted and more. It is sleek, stylish and not too large, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen, cupboard, or suitcase if you want to travel with it. And it’s just as accurate as other scales that cost 3 times as much.


When we tried it, we were pleasantly surprised that it measures up to 11 pounds – far more than anything we had used before. Most important: it switches easily between to grams, ounces, kilograms, and pounds – so you have maximum flexibility to use whatever unit of measure you want. Another function, which some scales omit, is the ability to measure in minus terms. So if you add too much of a particular item you can set it on zero, remove what you want and know instantly how much you’ve removed. Battery-operated, it comes with two batteries supplied and a two-year warranty.


A free book is included that helps by providing the caloric content of common foods.

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