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The CR Way to Great Glucose Control, 2020 is available as part of CR Way Membership Benefits 


If you have prediabetes or just want to optimize your  glucose management, the CR Way to Great Glucose Control course is essential consideration. Most participants gain extraordinary control over their glucose levels if they work at it.

Take advantage of the new, expanded program.  

  • Glucose control experts, Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill, teach all classes!
  • Nine recordings of 30-minute teleconference classes that you can listen to at your convenience.
  • Nine weeks of live CR Way Support Group teleconferences, where resolving glucose and other health challenges with friends happens often.
  • Instructional videos, describing key steps to great glucose control
  • Beautifully illustrated five-part e-book with glucose control basics, recipes, food suggestions, meal plans (includes a “Prediabetes” Meal Plan) – all new: heart-health strategies, fasting options, and plans for better sleep 

The CR Way to Great Glucose Control is an invaluable, hands-on guide that will enable you to control glucose for optimal health and disease prevention. Avoid high glucose levels that can increase risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and other dementia, and mortality. Take advantage of this unique resource loaded with delicious, low-GI recipes and food suggestions that we use personally.  


Lower Glucose with the CR Way

One of the most important aspects of the CR Way to achieving extraordinary health is keeping glucose levels low. The only way to know for sure if you are doing that is to use a glucometer to measure your blood glucose levels. The questions people want to know are: What glucometers are most effective? and What is their cost of use? So LivingTheCRWay gives you practical information on products that we and other members have tried. 


Glucometer Recommendations

Currently, we prefer the Free Style LITE, but we continue to review and try new products.Glucose  measuring systems we have tested and reviewed:  If the product is not available directly from Amazon, use their sponsored links.



Ascensia Contour

FreeStyle LITE  (Test Strips) 

Precision Extra

Bayer Contour Next


Making Testing Affordable


Glucose testing can be expensive. So take advantage of the LivingTheCRWay partnership with Amazon to get the most economical ways to test blood glucose levels. On Amazon, glucose-testing suppliers bid against each other so prices are grealty reduced -- the best we have been able to find on the 'Net.

Take time to read about the glucose-testing-supply companies that interest you. When you decide which to purchase, please click on the product picture to go to Amazon for purchase.This directs a small percentage of your purchase to the LivingTheCRWay, so we can contiinue to provide this service to you.Your cost is not increased.


Ultraviolet Light Helps those with Type 2 Diabetes to Control Glucose

Recently, a participant in the Great Glucose Control classes asked, "If I have diabetes, how can I keep my glucose from going up when I exercise?"

For a long time, there wasn't a good answer for this problem. Now we've discovered that ultraviolet light increases systemic nitric oxide, which is released when muscles contract. This action lowers circulating glucose. We are happy to discuss this: Please call 877-481-4841.