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Glucose Control for Optimal Health and Longevity


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 The CR Way to Great Glucose Control, 2016 Now Available!



Great glucose control is a cornerstone of achieving the life-transforming health that calorie restriction – the CR Way – offers.

High blood glucose increases risk for many diseases as well as for a shorter lifespan. So the time has come for a resource that utilizes the latest science to help you achieve great glucose control. From this need, the CR Way to Great Glucose Control  an e-book-based education program – was born. 

Glucose Control is now recognized as being so important to health and longevity that the program – the e-book and the four teleconferences, designed to ensure that you can use the program for your good health – is included as a benefit of most LivingTheCRWay memberships, including Brain Booster, and Personal Consultation.

In addition, a new highly effective way to lower glucose utilizes safe health (sun) lamps to increase nitric oxide.