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Product Description

FYI: Contributing Memberships will soon close.

 Now is the time to take advantage of the life-transforming benefits of LivingTheCRWay.



Pay by the month or by the year: 

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PayPal Users: Please note that only yearly payment plans are available through PayPal. 


When you become an Optimal Health member, you won't have to rely on a hodgepodge of news reports, books, and articles to figure out how to slow aging. You will have access to CR Way core content, which offers informed, scientifically sound information that you can use with confidence.  Core content is listed in the gold column on the left of each page of the site. It will help you customize your own approach to health and longevity.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Expert Teleconferences – a growing resource of more than 60 podcasts by leading scientists, doctors, and health experts. Every expert teleconference recording will be available to you here.
  • Stem Cells – the stem cell pages highlight stem cell basics and the growing potential for improving your health and longevity through stem cells.
  • Microbiome – a developing section that includes a description and practical suggestions for improving your gut microbiome – which is central to your health. The pages include: Foods for Bowel Health, Meal Plans for Optimizing Gut Health, Microbiome Pathogens, Recovering from Antibiotic Damage, Relief of Gas, Bloating & Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Delicious Foods – emphasizes that eating to improve health & lengthen life must be satisfying – and fun! Delicious Foodsincludesrecipes and foods to choose. A guide to making your water pure and free of contaminants is an important inclusion in the Delicious Foods pages.
  • Happy Dieting – offers guidance for losing, maintaining or gaining weight. Make sure to check out the CR Way to Happy Dieting, a multi-media resource for learning to eat to increase happiness – making dieting easy!
  • Meditation – helpsyou choose one or more ways to meditate that work for you and your needs.
  • Long, Healthy Life – is full of valuable contenthe introductory pages define what superb health really is.
    • The introductory pages define what superb health really is
    • Then you’ll learn about Ralph, our centenarian mentor.
    • Healthful exercise includes training for every part of your body, even your fingers and toes.
    • For many members sleep length and quality are vital concerns. Circadian Living helps with sleep by showing you how to optimize all 24 hours of your day to make the most of daylight and darkness.
    • Sexy Aging shows how to continue to enjoy your sexuality as you age exy Aging shows how to continue to enjoy your sexuality as you age
  • Getting Smarter – focuseson improving cognition. It includes unique strategies to improve your brain function.
  • Peak Performance – helps you be at the top of your game. Speaking engagements, appearing on stage, playing a chess game, or trading stocks are just a few examples of situations that require Peak Performance.
  • Protection from Disease – an innovative section that focuses on prevention and treatment of age-related diseases. It includes strategies for optimizing your organs so they function better for longer. The sections cover:


Alzheimer’s disease




Eyes – Your Rate-of-Aging Gauge

Hearing Loss

Heart Disease

And many other maladies that will be important to you as you age.

  • Science Behind the Benefits – summarizes the essential cell communication that must be active for extending life
  • The Longevity Guide – offers strategies for becoming a centenarian.

Core content works harmoniously with CR Way forums where you can ask questions and discuss the subjects that interest you. As you build your longevity program, take advantage of the opportunity to participate in 125-Year Plan research by submitting your blood test results to be anonymously entered in the database and compare your results with CR Way peers.

We can’t promise that you will live to 125. But we can promise an intelligent, results-based approach to aging that will give you the best chance to live better longer. We can also promise that you are now part of a caring community, where we will do everything possible to give you support and friendship. 

As an Optimal Health member, you'll be invited to join Live, Expert-led Teleconferences,  twice a month, where you get to ask the questions that are important to you.   

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  1. Nothing improves your health and wellbeing like CR 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Aug 2013

    After two years of doing CR, I renewed my membership for a third year. Nothing has made a greater difference in my health. I feel fantastic. I don't need my blood pressure medication anymore, my bloodwork is stellar and I am saving a lot on money in nutritional supplements and vitamins I don't take anymore. Nothing has made such a difference in my health. And I thank Paul and Meredith for being my guides. Their tremendous experience has been invaluable in doing CR correctly.