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Product Description


The Longevity Level Membership is the most economical way to join LivingTheCRWay.com.

Pay by the month or by the year: 

Open the dropdown box and pick a payment plan.

PayPal Users: Please note that only yearly payment plans are available through PayPal. 


Membership makes you part of a friendly community that invites you to live teleconferences, events and offers unique science-based content that you can immediately put to use.



Live teleconferences! The best and the brighest available to you! 

Members are invited to twice monthly teleconferences with Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill and other leading experts in health and longevity. Held in a friendly, town meeting style, you can ask the questions and make comments that are important to you. This is expert guidance for less than $5.00 per conference - an unheard of value for expert opinions, which, if available at all, often cost hundreds of dollars.


Exclusive access to content that will change your life

  • Peak Performance – a diet and lifestyle guide for performing at your peak 
  • Getting Smarter – a blueprint for improving your brain power
  • Happy Dieting – CR Way quick-start guide that shows how to increase happiness to make low-calorie living fun, delicious and easy to do. Loaded with recipes and meal plans.
  • Long, Healthy Life – introduces the beneficial cellular changes that are the basis for life extension.
  • A Happier You – strategies that relieve stress and increase happiness 
  • Protection from Disease – help for preventing or fighting Alzheimer’s disease, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Hearing Loss, Heart disease, Kidneys, Macular Degeneration,  Migraine Headache, Muscle Weakness (Sarcopenia), Obesity, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, Thyroid function as well as boosting your immune system
  • Science behind the Benefits – description of the solid science, backing the benefits
  • The Longevity Guide – how to become a centenarian
  • Live CR Way Forums – active, supportive place where like-minded people share info.
  • CR Way Blog – cutting-edge research and ideas described in a practical, easy-to-use fashion
  • CR Way Newsletters – announcements about the latest health buzz that you need to know about


If you would like to have the CR Way 4 Longer Life edition software included as a benefit of membership, choose from the Healthful Weight Loss, Brain Booster,  Diabetes Intervention, or Optimal Health memberships.




Questions? Please be in touch by e-mail: LongevityCenter@LivingTheCRWay.com or phone: 877-481-4841


LivingTheCRWay Memberships support Longevity Research 




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Product Reviews

  1. The best program for health and longevity 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Oct 2015

    This program guides you with the best and most up to date science on how to live a long, healthy and yes happy life too! The recipes are delicious and best of all EASY. Our health is our most valuable asset. I want to do everything in my power to live as long and as healthy as I can. This program can give you more than health. It allows you to enjoy your life in good health using your full potential. Highly recommended.

  2. Excellent discussion! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Oct 2010

    The talk was very good, emphasizing blood sugar reduction, and other heart disease risk factors, as well as disease and aging acceleration in general. I appreciate the question regarding "normal eating patterns being a form of caloric restriction," and the answer that Paul gave redirecting the issue to types of foods chosen that will indeed increase health, as opposed to just wanting to keep weight "normal." This is critical, and I would LOVE to hear this topic addressed more in the various webinars, and clips on the website. Taste is an important factor, but the greater impedance to a longterm calorie restriction adherance plan is whether or not the cells are starving for nutrients. If foods chosen are nutrient-dense, the cells are more likely to be satisfied and provide energy, strength, benefits to the aging skin, as well as those other factors that cause a make or break situation. Also, foods rich in nutrients tend to have more flavor, which fulfills the other desire that is needed for longterm change to any healthy lifestyle. Thank you for addressing this issue in the clip.

    Thank you again for your research and interest on this subject. I was raised with a morbidly obese Mom that recently passed away in her mid-70's from diabetic congestive heart failure. She maintained this excess weight until her death. Important to mention is the fact that my father's family has normal weight, with healthy food intake, and lives into their 90's with full faculties. My mother's family, even with most of them being slightly higher than healthy weights still live into their 90's and longer. My mother is the first person in many generations to die so young (76), completely due to her unhealthy amounts and varieties of foods. I appreciate your outspokenness, and the science behind CR that you have been such a innovator of, as it gives me facts with which to share CR with others, as opposed to people thinking they're not attractive with extra weight. Attractiveness was always my goal in maintaining a normal weight, and it is mostly the perspective that overweight people assume when the conversation of reducing food intake arises. You provide concrete science for longevity, and, as you so beautifully stated in this video, good health for the "here and now," and I thank you.

    Another aspect you mentioned in the video is "happiness." Of course, this is critical for maintaining a healthy "life course" and I'm glad you have teaching in this area. Of course, healthy sexuality is, as you mentioned, good exercise with VERY high endorphins, inside of a loving relationship, which kills two birds with one stone.

    thank you again.