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Great research has made significant gains in intelligence possible. The CR Way Brain Booster Membership offers proven methods to expand thinking capabilities through brain training, combined with a lifestyle and diet proven to increase memory, processing speed, accuracy, and neural synchrony*. You will also increase protection against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases and dementia.

* Neural synchrony, which is subject to age-related decline, is the simultaneous /synchronous oscillation of membrane potentials in a network of neurons (nerve cells) connected with electrical synapses (gap junctions). It is considered by some theorists to be the neural correlate of consciousness.


Dual N-Back  download!

 The CR Way Brain Booster membership takes advantage of the best Dual N-Back Software available, facilitating your access to it. You will enjoy the fun of a brain-training program that challenges you to the utmost of your capabilities. Within just a few days of starting the training you will notice improvements in memory, and after 19 days of training you will likely experience significant changes, often resulting in a boosted IQ.  Dual N-Back increases mental sharpness and stamina, helping you excel at work, at interviews, on exams, and in job (re)training. The program permanently boosts general mental capacity, focus, productivity, and problem-solving skills.


Core Strategies to Improve your Brain

The Brain Booster membership includes personalized instruction through live monthly teleconferences focusing on a variety of ways to improve cognitive performance. CR Way creators Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill show you how to use the program. This is hands-on training by experts, unavailable with any other Web-based cognition training. "We take a personal interest in helping you make a positive difference in cognition that you can apply to the challenges you face."


CR Way 4 Longer Life Software

The world’s most advanced diet and lifestyle manager, the CR Way Longer Life Software, is an important benefit of The CR Way: Brain Booster Membership. Teleconference discussions will train you to use the software to manage your lifestyle to make steady improvements in cognition.

What if you prefer to use CRON-O-Meter, Nutrition Data or other dietary tracking software? No problem! Just let us know and we will deduct the price of the CR Way™ 4 Longer Life Software from the cost of your membership.

 System Requirements:

1) CR Way 4 Longer Life software requires a PC – running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

2) One Gbyte of RAM is required, but 2 Gbytes or more are recommended.

3) A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels is required, and higher resolutions are better.

4) No Mac version is available*, but you can run CR Way Longer Life software (and other Windows programs) on a Mac if you are running Windows (XP or higher) Operating System on your Mac. We recommend you download an evaluation copy and to verify that it will run on your Mac.

 * Please call us if you require Mac software - 877-841-4841


The CR Way to Great Glucose Control download!

Keeping glucose low is critical for increased cognitive development. So Brain Booster members receive The CR Way to Great Glucose Control, program (both e-Book and teleconferences) as a benefit. Members are trained with special meal plans and lifestyle suggestions so that neuron formation and growth are enhanced  making learning and memory improvement more likely.


Life-transforming Content 

Membership includes full access to life-transforming content on LivingTheCRWay.com:

The CR Way to Peak Performance – shows how to use diet and lifestyle to healthfully increase concentration

Getting Smarter – core content for dietary and lifestyle changes that make increase thinking capabilities

Long, Healthy Life – introduces the beneficial cellular changes that are the basis for the CR Way

A Happier You – strategies that relieve stress, increase happiness and improve neuron function

Protection from Disease – help for preventing or fighting cancer; diabetes; and heart, kidney, and Alzheimer's diseases

Science Behind the Benefits – description of the solid science, backing the benefits of living the CR Way

The Longevity Guide – how to become a centenarian

CR Way Forums – active, supportive places where like-minded people share information. Forums include:

  • Meditation & Nurturing
  • CR Way Research
  • Finding Friends
  • Happy Dieting, Recipes, and Foods
  • CR Way Support Group   General
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Protection fro Disease
  • CR Way 4 Longer Life Edition Software
  • Cancer Protection
  • Getting Smarter
  • Stem Cells
  • Boned Health
  • Exercise
  • Healthful Weight Loss
  • Teleconference Schedule
  • CR Science
  • Supplements
  • Diabetes   Glucose control  


LivingTheCRWay Memberships support Longevity Research 




Pay by the month or by the year: 

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Product Reviews

  1. Deadheading Age-Related Mental Decline 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jan 2015

    At one point I could gather a whole college course in a weekend before a final exam. At 50 when I worked on a Master's Degree in Finance I noticed that things were coming with more difficulty. At 70 I began to notice that the machinery was beginning to grind to a halt at times. So I proposed to self-improve. Dual-n-Back (offered in the CR Way Brain Booster membership) came as a blow to the ego, and for a while I thought that I'd never go forward. But then, I noticed that attention and focus were beginning to improve, and now I am seeing that processing speed is finally picking up.

    I have found that Dual-n-Back is more rewarding than Sudoku, and, too, my gains have caused my ego to begin to restore. In point of fact, I do believe that almost any problem that is addressed can be improved upon, so I look forward to seeing how far I can improve with this game. It is a fact that the highest level of the "health academy" now believes that cognitive decline can be prevented. I take their belief as an article of faith and am signing on in faith to a test of their belief. Try the game. You'll have fun at it.